Maybelline Velvet Matte In Mat 12

Matte lips can be either tricky or simple. Tricky to maintain and to touch up after eating and the discomfort of dry lips beneath the pigment. Finding the right matte lip product can honestly be taxing an pricey but it doesn't always have to be. Not with the Maybelline Velvet matte.
 Price: P349 (Introductory price P299)
Hydrating cream color glides on smooth and sets with a matte finish; vibrant, richly-pigmented hues are designed for long wear; lightweight, non-sticky, non-drying formula; velvety, cushion-like texture keeps lips in comfort all day

Content: 5 mL

Call me boring for going with another MLBB shade, but I can't help but love MLBB's! The inner struggle of a person who's trying to figure out if that's your natural shade or are you wearing something on your lips. As much as possible I don't like very flashy colors since I am very fond of cheek products and. And I have observed that subtle colors and browny-pink shades have a plumping effect on my lips rather than a shocking red or pink.

I'm a big fan of the Happy skin lip and cheek mousse but it is quite pricey with less content weight, Not something I'd keep repurchasing if I find a more affordable option. One can go for the Nyx matte lip cream but Nyx isn't available everywhere either, but you can bet you'll find Maybelline on every mall on every corner of the archipelago.

The packaging is sleek and does not scream drugstore at all, it really gives a more professional vibe with black rather than mint and I like where their direction is going with that. The plastic isn't flimsy either, I'm surprised it costs less than it usually should.

It has the usual doe foot applicator but the good kind, not the cheap lip gloss kind. The product itself depending on the color you chose, can either be blah or great. I quite like Mat 12 since it is a lovely browny pink, which you cannot mess up. But seriously I don't think you can mess up with this product since it is practically made on the grab and go concept.

The product is a comfortable matte, not causing discomfort and very creamy and smooth, similar to the texture of the Happy skin lip and cheek mousse only with more opacity on pigment and sets readily. Their description is spot on. I don't think I'll be ever eloquent enough to match their description haha.

At first application I thought I was suffering an allergic reaction since I felt a sort of warm sensation on my lips but I was pleasantly surprised to find it had a plumping effect. If you have tried a lip plumper, you'd know. But this was a mild lip plumper.

It also doesn't take much to fully coat your lips, around a swipe or two is great. Overall I think this product is a great take by Maybelline which I am glad to have bought while it's still on its introductory price. I don't think I have anything bad to say about it actually. It's definitely something worth checking out on your next trip to the beauty department.

When worn, (Pardon the blemish)