The Late Birthday Haul and Recent Purchases

Better late then never right?

Clearly this has been long overdue, and I have even posted reviews about some of the products posted on here, but I just love seeing collective haul posts.

My first purchases were bought on my birthday, three Happy Skin products, Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Lip and Cheek Mousse in Swept Off my Feet & Warm and Toasty and the Happy Skin All Eyes On Hue Eyeshadow Palette

Then a long interlude until I bought the sunscreens I've been eyeing for quite a while at Watson's, the Sunplay SPF 70  mist and my current favorite sunscreen he Sunkiller Super lasting Base SPF 50.

Then a moment of weakness with the Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur Cream and my first Beautymnl.com purchase with the VMV Hypoallergenics Re-everything cream, my current moisturizer. 

And the long-awaited arrival of my Tartelette palette and the Lorac Alter Ego Cheek Palette and lipstick. I actually still have a very long wishlist. Especially that my favorite brands just keep churning out new products. It will be quite wallet-scarring. Especially when I have to bite my lip for every skin care product I think I need.  But I think I won't be buying as much in the future since I want to use up products so I can buy more!


Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur Cream Review

I feel that it has been ages since I posted here, well there was a lot of adjusting I needed to do at my new job, I currently work as a hospital pharmacist at a hospital 14 km away from me! And to be honest the commute takes out more of me than the actual job. But I work for the MONEY baby, so I'll get through this! But anyhow, I have gotten a few new things, my previously ordered products from march are to arrive next week and I will be posting about that as well as my favorite new sunscreen base which I am torn between this and that. And on to the review and away with the rambling.

Price: P898 (Bought it for 850 since I used up all my points)
This lightweight cream provides multi-blurring effects for instantly refined and smooth skin. Skin’s texture is smoothed; pores minimized and complexion brightened.

Filters Filters Filters! As much I want to hashtag NOfilter on my selfies outside of my blog (selfies in itself is a rare occasion) I admit that even with makeup I need a little brightening and smoothening. Call it the "perfectionarcicissm" of our generation. We'll never get enough Camera360, VSCOCam and Skinny Apps in our lifetime, we'll always want to look better instantly even just for that one photo. But of course I'd want to take that filtered face outside the square frame and into reality, so that's where blur cream comes in, though truth be told this is not my first blur cream, but I'll do a comparisons post next time.

I am no stranger to Etude House bases, I have liked their Choux cream base, which felt like velvet cream on skin but could get a bit heavy when you need to put on liquid foundation, concealer and setting powder, I am always infatuated with their concepts. But I first found out about this blur cream with this quirky little ad:

And this very convincing How to video from Hyo-young from InsiteTV

So I was sold, I bought a bottle (which turned out to be the last on in stock from the store I bought it from). It was cheaper compared to other blur creams available in the local market (Happy Skin and The Body shop) And I am tempted to get the Happy Skin one so I can do comparisons as I already have the Body Shop one.

Bare Face with redness and uneven skin tone
 My skin will probably never look as smooth as Ayase Haruka's from Japan but I can try to fake it right?

The cream is a tolerably fragrant lightweight white runny cream with not visible shimmer or glitter. It blends easily into skin and melts in to give you "filtered" bright and smooth skin. Dare I say I can go out wearing only this with no foundation needed! (If your skin is looking clear) It can give a blurring effect on pores and slight blemishes but not on full blown red acne which will need some help from a good concealer on top. But if you're a true Etude House Junkie, the consistency is like the Baby Choux base meets their Nymph Aura Volumer.

Closer look
You can stick with the dewy look but I'm not too keen on that since my skin is very oily, so I'll mattify with a translucent powder. Oil control is around 4-5 hours on me with powder by the way.

With concealer ONLY UNDER THE EYES  and Mattified with translucent powder
Slight blemishes peeking through, yet I don't mind them as much as I would anymore. The effect is honestly awesome. I look filtered! But this probably won't work as well in Ultra HD DSLR cameras but for your phone and lower resolution digicams this could definitely make you looked like a filtered goddess!
Closer look
Overall great product from Etude House, definitely walks the talk. It brightens, blurs blemishes and smoothens.  And definitely shot to my favorites in the primer/makeup base category, But be warned to wear SPF underneath for daytime as it only provides a low SPF 15, or skip it altogther if you're going to use it on a night out! In fact also be warned that this might incur a white face in flash.photography.  However this might not be so ideal for those with darker skin as it is a white cream. So test it before ending up with a bottle of ashiness. But if it can work for your skin tone and type, give it a go!