Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Lip and Cheek Mousse in Swept Off my Feet & Warm and Toasty

Last week, March 7, was my 21st birthday. So when a birthday comes there are usually gifts, I’ll be doing a what I got on my birthday post when my pre-ordered products have come. But first I’ll review these babies, which I have had on my wishlist since they first came out! But after much coaxing of friends and family I finally got both as gifts. I’m not very into shocking colors like red since I find they make my lips look small. So I didn't buy the third shade, a rich ruby red.

Price: P699
Availability: All Happy Skin counters
Content: 3g


I imagined that these were a more luxurious take on the NYX matte lip creams, which is right, From the applicators alone, they give a much more expensive feel. The applicators come in a fluffy doe foot the type that you'd see on fancy lip products, like YSL kiss et blush.

The packaging is so fun as well! Definitely a pop out in your kikay kit. But their not all for the looks, the product is very good. Just like the normal lipsticks, they are opaque and creamy. But think of this as the liquid form of the lipstick, but they last much longer due to the matte-ness. But not a dry matte, more like a moisturizing matte. Even if I had some dryness and flaking on my lips (Eww.) it did not emphasize such things. It just glides on like a dream on lips. And you can do well without any lipbalm.

Warm and Toasty on Lips
Warm and Toasty is a lovely beige nude, giving that nothing on my lips but my good blood circulation! Perfect for complimenting heavy makeup looks or the perfect color to match a naked face makeup look. I love going for a flushed cheek and this nude color. When used for cheeks it is very subtle which is nice but it was so subtle it was difficult to catch on camera.

On cheeks
Swept off my Feet on Lips
Swept off my feet is a pretty and posh pink, It can go flirty and romantic or just a nice pop of color to an otherwise boring makeup look. I find that this is best used for cheeks as it is more visible as a blush. Great for travel when you don't want to to bring to many things with you and when you're in a rush, the formula is easy to blend so you can easily do this while commuting.

On cheeks
To sum it up: Velvet on lips. Hopefully they come out with more colors in the future as I personally enjoy such multifunctional products and love taking them around in my makeup bag for touch ups.


Special Event Makeup

Last Monday, March 2, 2015, I finally went to my oath taking ceremony to pledge myself as a pharmacist. Such events are rewarding to the parents and the student, whom have worked so hard through the years. But of course, for such a special event, one must look their best, because we only get to say this oath once in our lifetime. This is what I used to do my own makeup that day.