Long Wearing Makeup

There are days when I go out with makeup on for just an hour, usually just to even out the skin, brows and tinted lip balm, but there are also days when makeup needs to be bullet-proof through out hours of laughing, crying and sweating and maybe even against the forces of nature itself. This is the makeup look I wore for dinner with friends, and I find the products perfect for those long winding events like parties, a dinner or someone's wedding, this makeup can do no wrong.


The Body Shop Instablur - Not priming is a crime, I useInstablur since it really does have blurring and smoothing effect for makeup to just glide through and it serves as a barrier for makeup to settle into pores.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - A highly acclaimed foundation all over the world for it's long wear against oil and power against fading. Though it may not be the favorite of dry skins, if you have oily skin this will definitely deserve a place on your makeup table

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer - This concealer is not the like the foundation in the sense that is it does not dry out skin, it does not crease and settle into fine lines and more importantly is water proof, definitely something you'd need when you're going to cry or sudden rain is afoot.

Mary Kay Loose Powder - With the heavy coverage of the ELDW, you wouldn't want to pile on with a pigmented powder, I opted for a translucent one so it also doesn't interfere with the coloring of foundation.

Mary Kay Setting Spray - Hairspray for the makeup which will fight against fading


The Balm Bahama Mama bronzer - Highly pigmented rich taupy brown to mimic shadows but as this is very pigmented I use so with only a light hand, a tap on the brush and blend seamlessly onto skin. Also doubles as eyeshadow and my brow powder!

Etude House Face Designing Brightener - The highlighter which needs a cult following because it is that good. Need I say more?

The Balm Instain Argyle Blush - Of course this will last, it does say 16 hour wear on the description.


Jazzy Cooper Eyebrow gel - To tame brow hairs and adjust my brow color to my hair.

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara - Not the waterproof type but has great resistance to water, not to mention the curl it can keep on the lashes!

Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss me Lippie in Honeymoon Glow - A beautiful natural lip color which can be built up by stain.

I had a dinner with a few friends but I had places to go before that so I had put on my makeup by 9 am in the morning and took it off by 11:45 in the evening. Nearly 16 hours and it still looked great right before I took it right off, still looked fresh and utterly glowing still. This is definitely the look I'm going for again for looong days.


Comfy Fashion Picks

My very first fashion post in the history of forever. My love for makeup and beauty is intense, but I also have a lusty affair with fashion as well. But I have a paranoia of wasting a perfectly good outfit for an ordinary day when I'm just running boring errands, so my fashionista self tends to take a backseat, truthfully the only time I get to bring her out is on special events and going to church (in a conservative way for the latter of course) I can be the girl who goes everywhere in heels and also be the girl who wears sneakers everywhere as well, but I do take in consideration the comfort level I need for the duration of time I am out and about for the day, no way am I taking on 4 inch heels on applying for any government agency ID or things that require much strenuous activity, Here comes the comfy reliables.

So what do I usually wear out on normal, I-don't-want-to-stand-out-too-much days?

Flats and Sneakers

These sneakers are from glee, pretty sturdy but ok for the wallet, not as great maybe as Converse or KEDS, but they do the job. Through rain or shine, I've had this pair for over 3 years now and are actually the only pair of shoes I took with me to a one month trip.

So Fab! has a great selection of flats and shoes, pretty affordable as well. Flats are a girl's best friend when it comes to situations where it requires us to be on the go all day, they won't break a heel, cause blisters and won't let you trip over something (normally).

 Long-sleeved shirts and Shorts

Forever 21 has a ton of stylish long sleeved shirts and dress shirts in an array of color, and great prices especially if they're on sale. For shorts, I usually buy them at flea markets since they're not indispensable to me. I usually find myself wearing pants or leggings no matter how hot it is. (UV ray protection ehem ehem)

Basic Shirts
I love Bench basics, good quality and for the price it's a steal, I am a big fan of basic shirts and tank tops. though F21 also has good and cheap basic tops, I find Bench's to be of higher quality and wear and tear power.

  Leggings and Jeans

 Jeans, where would the world be without jeans, good local places for jeans would be Jag and Freego both have stylish and sturdy jeans especially the latter which has really stepped up in terms of design and concept. I have a ton black jeans since I find it extremely convenient for anything, I think I only have 2 pairs of blue jeans in my closet actually.

But when I find myself not in the mood for jeans, or some chaffing is happening, leggings are the way to go.I found leggings in a variety of styles at ZALORA. More breathable than pants and more boldness in design, my mother personally prefers them more to jeans, I think I even have a few colored ones in my closet just to dress us an otherwise boring long shirt outfit.

That concludes my comfy picks, but to be honest if I am going all out, it would be a different story and hopefully I'll be able to post outfit posts and bag posts in the future, if it's not too much of a pain on my part as I do have a job and thankfully my job doesn't require a particular dress code or uniform, so it may be possible, might even be posting about fashion purchases soon.

Thanks for reading!


Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner in Brown

Price: P548

Brush pen eyeliner conveniently produces smooth, clean lines for stark definition.

1. Use brush to trace lines along upper and lower eye lines.
2. For stronger look,trace thick lines along upper and lower eye lines in one motion.

I'm not  very good with eye-liner, it is perhaps the most difficult makeup skill for me. I can never seem to get it right, and I am aware that practice makes perfect, but I also find that it is important to have the right product. I bought this at the Etude House sale last December.

Bare lids
 This is my first serious eye liner, I've never been serious about them at all, I'd buy the cheapest kind only to have it end in a disastrous way every time I try. It comes in a plastic brown container, not sleek as metal but it will do, and it has a very fine brush applicator, I have to say I am impressed with that bit since I am so used to seeing thick brushes on the cheap stuff. In fact the brush is so fine, I found out I could draw thin lines after all.
Applied on (your) left eye
 It is very easy to work with as well, since it dispenses product with the slightest touch. Very good for subtle definition.

But it can also be good for thicker lines as well.Of course seeing this is a brown eyeliner the effect is less dramatic and stark as black. And may need going over some parts at times for full impact.

The Water Test

Holds up to water well
But is rendered powerless against rubbing

 Overall a good try for beginners at eye liner, good point about it being easily removed by rubbing is that it can be easily corrected when one makes a mistake, I think a good recommendation for it to be more sturdy, would be to go over it with an eyeshadow to set it. But for the pros when it comes to liner, the Drawing show creamy liner would be a better choice as it is a long wearing gel.


The Valentine's Day Face

I don't have a significant other, truthfully I've only celebrated one Valentine's day with one along time ago. But that was history, but just because you're single on V day doesn't mean you can't feign the look of love with makeup. Though I have nothing special on that day, except going to church, I still love getting ready. 

It calls for pinks and reds, holiday, I love pinks on my face but as a person it's not my favorite color, but makeup wise it is lovely on the mug. So it feels a little like a pink overload, but spare me since it is Valentine's day.


I've decided as of this post I will be branching this looks into BASE, LIPS & CHEEKS and EYES, yup that pretty much covers it. So starting with base, the Ettusais White BB Cream is something I only whip out when I'm feeling special, no flash photography is involved and or too lazy to put on a layer of sunscreen. It is brightening, lightweight and quite lovely, pricey as well hence I don't like to use it up right away, it is different from the usual Ettusais BB from the fact that it is more pink tinged to add more brightness, not starkly pink, but a tolerable amount, I'll have to do a review on it soon so please wait for that.

Then I used two concealers, K-palette Zero Kuma concealer for the under eye area and NARS radiant creamy concealer for the blemishes. Then all set with my Mary Kay Translucent powder. Surprisingly no bronzer today just to keep with that fresh glowy look. I used Guerlain meteorites as an overall highlighter, mostly concentrating on my cheeks. 


For cheeks I used cool pink shades which tends to truly pop out on warm skin, giving that realistic pink glow. I used the Etude House all over cupcake in Blueberry which is a very cool purply pink, just for a little adhesion for the powder blush, and the fact that I was feeling special. Unfortunately photos still didn't catch it. On the top is my favorite Snoe SABSTANCE blush in x8 love.

For lips are two very pinky nudes, the NYX matte lip cream in London then Happy Skin's Crushing on you lippie which acts as a lip glossy or balmy thing, since it adds such subtle pigment, it can be used as such.


I used Stubborn from the Nude 'tude palette all over the lid, it's a lovely shimmery subtle pink which adds dimension to the eyes, then Sultry on the crease. to give definition. Then I used the Etude House Drawing show Brush liner in Brown, I rarely use eyeliner, I only do when I have ample time to get ready. And brown just felt more forgiving to me, Then swipes of my favorite L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara.

The complete look

Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day, single or with someone!


Etude House BB Cream Comparison: Perfect Fit, Cotton Fit & Blooming Fit

Who doesn't love samples? They are a great way of giving you the feel of the product which will save you money and tears if it's disappointing and something to look forward to purchasing in the future if the experience is good. For a long time, stores in Korea have been giving out samples with purchases to give the customers a preview of other items, and if or they have, they'd be great for travel right?

Anyway, a few weeks I received a free BB cream sample from Etude House with 3 variants of their bestselling BB cream: Perfect fit, Cotton fit and Blooming fit. I don't want to purchase any more base products at the moment if possible since I still have a LOT to go through , so I thought this wold be the perfect time to try out samples and give you guys my thoughts, especially for someone who is in need of recommendations. Keep in mind my skin is very oily and acne-prone. The shade from the testers is W13, the second lightest shade, from what I remember.


Consistency comparison.

My face was recovering from breakouts during that time of the month, though feint in real life, the camera just hates me haha, but none of the red marks are raised, all are healing. But it's quite good, (not for me) as a gauge for you to see the coverage of each BB cream.

My skin is oily all over since the start of puberty, I am the most spotty during my period, and my pores are mildly noticeable.

No photos were retouched and no concealer or powder was used.

Click for fuller size and better view 

Perfect Fit
From what I can remember since I tried out the original Precious mineral BB cream, this is the improved version of the original, or let's say the relaunched version, this is basically the middle ground between Cotton fit which is matte and Blooming fit which is dewy. It didn't smell as strongly as  remember, and less of that grey tone, their shades have definitely gone more beige.  I believe this is recommended for normal skin types as it is not quite matte, and it is hydrating to the skin, lasts well with or without powder, and is overall has a medium coverage, Evens skin tone quite well and covers mild blemishes, but any more prominent ones will need concealer. But it does have that "set" feeling, when it's not so dewy but if you are oily skinned, only the cotton fit variant will be able to cater to you. This variant does have a bit of oil control, at around 2 hours without powder, and depending on your powder it could last longer. 

Cotton Fit
This was a surprising product for me since it launched, I guess a year ago (or was it two?) that Etude released a matte BB cream, because most of their base products promoted that glowy dewy look. I think this also won an award from Get it beauty a while back. This variant has the thickest consistency of the three as you can see from the photo of the three creams on the plastic pan above. And when I saw the three under fluorescent or artificial lighting, this one leaned more to pink than the rest.Though thick it is not suffocate skin, to be frank, it actually isn't that thick at all, I find this is a normal consistency for liquid foundations rather than BB's. It covers just as perfect fit does but a bit more difficult to blend on skin (I used my fingers), since it sets like a powder, you must blend it fast. This holds oil around 3 hours without powder, 4-5 with powder, of course again depending on your powder. This is recommended for oily skin, who steer clear of the dewy finishes. It doesn't have a strong scent as well, reminds me more of baby powder. 

Blooming Fit
The easiest to blend, runny and thin consistency. and very hydrating. The dewiness this cream gives is lovely, I think this would be the variant I'd choose if I was not an oily skinned girl. See from the photo that skin just looks gleaming with this on. Definitely the most dewy of the bunch, made for the extra dry skinned girls, I think this would be most suited for them in Winter, especially if they get dry patches or skin is dehydrated in the cold.  Good for them, but not good for me,I'd oil up in less than 30 minutes with this without powder, and an hour and a half tops with powder on. though I adore that radiant young dewy glow, I find myself likening it to my slick face. Otherwise very good for the dry skinned girls. The smell is almost the same with the Precious Minerals Any Cushion, which I have, i could swear it was the same BB cream in there, but the Cushion BB is just more superior in terms of coverage, oil control and SPF, so it's not the same.

Since all three have the same SPF and same benefits, and they seemingly have the same level of medium coverage, now it's just the matter of choosing for your skin type, Cotton for oily, Perfect for Normal, and Blooming for Dry skin. As for combination, I think it's all learning how large the surface area of your concerns are, and choosing the product that best corresponds to that.

Overall I find all of their variants to be good, and suitable for day time, especially with their SPF, although I for one would definitely use a different SPF product underneath. I wouldn't use this if I know flash photography is involved though, High SPF usually equates to Pale white faces on flash cam photos.

Hope this helped you in choosing what BB cream from Etude House would benefit you the most.


Current Daily Makeup Routine

I have rarely posted anything about my makeup routine for everyday, but I figured that since I just love knowing what other people's routine is, I figured I should also share it, These are the products and face I am currently sporting. And I can do this in 10 minutes or less. And this is really one of those looks that say I-had-some-time-to-look-pretty-today-but-I-didn't-go-overboard. It is natural looking and not high maintenance, and I regard this as my fail-safe look; it looks good for any occasion. And because you'll just never know who you'll meet or what'll happen, but it's good to look good when your high school rival just suddenly appears in front of you right?, But anyways, let's get through it shall we?

After skin care I immediately put on Sunscreen, I adore the Sunplay watery sunscreen with SPF 50 from Mentholatum (P349) for 31g. Its thin consistency, light feel, hydration and minimal white cast have all won my heart for the past year since I was searching for local alternatives for the Biore Aqua Sunscreen, and this just fits the bill. 

I then use concealer, Estee Lauder Double wear Concealer in Light Medium has been an all rounder and probably the best of the best of my collection of concealers, it's light but packs quite a coverage, easily blendable, budge-proof, water proof and even works well for blemishes! Its hydrating properties ensure no crease or wrinkle emphasis, as well as flaky blemish emphasis! 

Then I start with a BB cream, which to be honest can vary on my mood since I have quite a number I have to go through, but my default is the Ettusais mineral BB cream, which makes my skin look fresh but needs to be properly set with powder as it does not have the powerful oil controlling properties my skin so direly needs. Needs a blot or two four hours into wearing.

Now I set my under eyes with a translucent powder if I'm not to lazy or I feel the need absolutely need to look flawless, but on days when I don't which is most of the time, I use the Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder in 2W1, it does not come in a pact and I am so happy I have reached pan on this immortal thing, since I had it since December 2013. It is not very powerful against oil despite its double wear fame, I'd say it wasn't the best at all at oil control, but I'm just trying to use this use so I can move on to better powders.

I actually go to bronzing my pale face after with the Body Shop Honey Bronzer in No. 2, a matte bronzer from the heavens for fair skinned ladies, it does not look orange-y or abnormally dark at all especially when applied with a large fluffy brush for a more diffused warmth.

After bronzing is highlighting with the Etude House Face designing brightener in Wannabe face. it's actually right next to he Ettusais BB cream on the higher photos. My HG highlighter, beloved eternally, haha. The subtlety of glow and light to give that Korean celebrity dewiness.

Then blush, if I need something I'm sure will be flattering and not overdone, I grab NARS Orgasm. It just works an ol' reliable.

For my brows I actually use the light matte brown shade from the NYX adorable palette then the Jazzy Collection Brow gel to lighten my brows and groom them so they don't look to unruly.

Sometimes I do take the same light brown shade I use for my brows, on my crease just to add definition and nothing more. Then mascara, 2 coats of the Maybelline Rocket Mascara to make my lashes look existent!

Finally lips, the Etude House Color Lips fit line is amazing as it just hug the lips with pigment, long lasting and hard to remove, which is good during the day but nothing a little makeup remover couldn't do for night right? This shade in fantasy pink just makes a bit more cheerful in the morning, because it's just so bright and energetic! But my camera just doesn't capture all that, sadly, so you may find it too subtle on the photo below.

The final look:

I am always surprised to see how subtle this looks, I've used a total of 10 products, excluding brushes, some might say that's an awful lot of products to have a natural look, but I find that everything I've included are all basic things in a look, brows, base, mascara, cheeks and lips, but could probably get away with less.

What are your favorite everyday products?

Thanks for reading!


January Favorites

A tad late and repetitive as all the products on my January Wallet Damage post are featured, and some old things that I have been loving again.

  • The Balm Instain Blush in Argyle - A lovely fresh pink that looks absolutely rosy on fair skin, 
  • Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss me Lippie in Under the Sheets - My current go to nude/ tawny lip
  • Happy Skin Feeling Sculptacular Contour kit - A great got-to-go bronzer-highlighter duo
  • Etude House Drawing Show eyeliner in Brown - My very first proper eyeliner and I just had to get brown because it felt more forgiving than black.
  • Maybelline Rocket Mascara - One very easy, no fuss mascara
  • Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray - Finally, makeup spray that actually works for me.
  • Etude House Play Nail polish in #26 - The perfect, are-you-wearing-nail-polish-or-not, pinky healthy nail color, basically, it's an absolute go to when I prefer my nails to look clean but healthy as well. 
  • Derma E Scar Gel - Brilliant for acne wounds to accelerate healing
  • Alba Organics Acne Toner - Contains salicylic acid and overall great for my acne-prone skin


Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil in Moisture Review

Makeup removal is serious business for me, and I have always been on the lookout for a good and locally available makeup remover.


Happy Skin Feeling Sculptacular Face Contour Kit Review

My beauty concept first came from Korea, so I was very into that, no blush no bronzer feels, only the minimum: base makeup and lips. But after much coaxing from my favorite YouTube beauty gurus, I changed my focus, and decided last year, it was time for a change. And I've actually started lusting for this product since the summer of last year, but I was putting it off for so long since I convinced myself I didn't need it and it was quite pricey for the amount of product, but here I am now in 2015 and I caved, good reviews from bloggers and numerous features on magazines, Instagram, etc, and I finally gave in.

Price: P1299

Description: Look ten pounds lighter with Happy Skin Feeling Sculptacular Contouring Kit! Featuring an easy-to-blend contour and highlighting powder, this sculpts the face, chisels the nose, and defines the cheeks achieving modelesque perfection. No surgery needed.
Content: Highlighter - 3g + Bronzer - 3g

It comes with a helpful little guide for beginners on what to put where and how much to put it on. The powders are finely milled and very smooth to touch, good pigmentation but not too overpowering which can be intimidating for makeup novices. I tend to use bronzer only under my cheekbones and the sides of my nose  for extra definition. And the highlighter on my nose to make it more prominent as well as under my eyes for a brighter look. 

I have a round face with full cheeks.  I am alright with this, it can look to big on camera. So that's where Contouring and highlighting lend a helping hand. You've probably heard about the purpose of contouring for thousands of times, so no use of me reiterating it here. I'll just show you what it can do hihi.
Face with only base
As you can see, my face is just a round surface. No dimension at all.

Applied lightly on nose bridge and under cheekbones
You can already see the definition with a light application of bronzer. Use according to your skin tone, over do it and you might look like a muddy mess. 

Applied the Highlighter and sculpted my features more
Whoa where did I get those cheekbones and that nose bridge? I must have gotten instant plastic surgery! Or is it the power of makeup? Yes it is girl, yes it is.

Front view of finished face
This kit did not disappoint me, but so far Happy skin has not yet disappointed me overall as I see myself purchasing more and more of their products in the future. Its size is great for travel, the quality of the product is impeccable. Although others have commented on the highlighter being too white which in my case I liked since it looked quite subtle but perhaps we can expect them to broaden their undertones and shades to cater to other complexions in the future?

I'd recommend this to contouring newbies or junkies out there who need a reliable product that's travel friendly. It does exactly what it does, sculpts and highlights but one must remember the golden rule of contouring: BLEND BLEND BLEND, although the formula is easy to blend with a light stroke of a fluffy brush, always remember to double check any clearly rough or sharp edges. 

Overall I find no wrong in this palette except for the fact that the content of the bronzer is too small for me, I tend to use bronzer generously, so I feel that I'll run out of it soon, if they came out with a larger pan of it I'd gladly purchase in a heartbeat! But in the mean time, I wouldn't mind repurchasing this either.

Thank you for reading!