Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun SPF50+/PA+++

Sunscreen, an essential if you don't want to prematurely age or get skin cancer. But I honestly find in irritating to buy one since I'm very picky with their consistencies and how they'll affect my makeup on top and how my skin will react with all its glorious oiliness to them. So I'm constantly jumping around looking for something that'll meet my needs.

Price: P360-P500 Online


It comes out as a white cream with a slightly thicker consistency than to what I'm used to. Well it is a cream and for the most part SPF formulas like creams just don't agree with me. It doesn't glide easily on skin so one needs to work it in well especially that it has a tendency to set quickly and it makes skin look ashen due to the white pigment from the Titanium Dioxide so you'll need some color back with a foundation. And this is something you really wouldn't want this on your brows.

For oil control I was impressed. It held up well on my frying pan face and also lengthened the staying power of the foundation on top. But it has a downside again with its tendency to give out that white cast in flash photos which my HG Sunkiller base does not. 

Overall I'm quite ambivalent with this sunscreen. It has that oil control I'm looking for but it also negates its pros with the bothersome consistency and flashback. But I guess that's the price I pay for good oil controlling products. I'm going to finish this up but I don't think the formula is for me. I would instead try to check out the essence formula of Missha's sunscreen.

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