January Favorites

And January has passed us by like a ship in the night. Now it's really sinking in that time flies.

So I have  a few favorites this month which I have just been reaching out for in my vanity. Some new some old but all well-loved at the moment.


Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Seductive Pink

I have been lemming for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes for a good long time now. But I just couldn't justify spending a pretty penny when I can have something of a similar ilk from Maxfactor.


What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

This year, if plans are set in place. I might be going out of the country. So I don't think planning what I'll be bringing with me for travel is a bad thing, right?

Of course everything is subject to change when I get new products or really analyzing what will be more suitable to lug along when I'm travelling. But this is what is currently  am planning on bringing.

Paring down was hard, let me just say that now. As stereotypical as it may seem What if's just keep popping in my head. What if I'll need something long-lasting? Something more moisturizing? More photo-friendly?

But basically I just thought of the products which I just rely on a regular basis which are just what one needs when they're away from the comfort of their vanity table.


Snoe Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake in Peanut

This is probably that one product that has been sitting in my mental wishlist for over a year which I keep checking every time I pass by the booth but always hesitated to actually purchase. And it really should've been picked up earlier.

Price: P799
Want great bone structure? Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake lets you create them instantly, easily and over time– permanently! This powder is especially tinted and formulated to enhance natural bone structure, sculpt contours into the face and correct your face shape so you can look like you were born with great cheekbones or the perfect nose, anytime!


Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner Review

Lip liners. Never really got into them. Until now that is.

Auto dispense pencil comes in multiple shades to create a lip boundary with soft texture and fine line application for elegant, uniform expression.
Price: P98

Net Content: 0.2g


Makeup Melange #1 Bright and Minimal

I have tried and failed to keep up with a series on the blog, so hoping that the new Navigation bar will motivate me, I'm going to do the best I can.

Makeup Melange is basically my current makeup look or a look I'm trying out for the moment, think of it as a sporadic Makeup of the Day. So this'll be a simple post of what I'm just currently wearing and some thoughts of the products on the side.

I was in a light and airy mood today, since I've just been obsessed with eye liner whenever I wear glasses. So on the days I don't wear glasses, I put the liner down. and opted for a more subtle but defined look.


Loving Local Beauty Brands and Investing in Every Product

What is with people and imported brands? What is wrong with loving local brands? Does it really differ or do Filipinos really think that locally made products just cannot compete or are inferior to the foreign counterparts?

If you have been a loyal reader from way back when my blog was named The Secret Beauty Geek, I have basically founded the blog with the intention on reviewing Asian brands, specifically, Korean brands which I do love even now. Eventually I ventured to Western brands, Japanese brands and since last year, local brands.

After much thought and becoming less devil may cry with money, especially now that I'm earning and paying for everything with my hard earned cash, I have really come to a point where every purchase is becoming an investment rather than an impulse. Calculating everything in my head from expiration date to longevity of usefulness. Let's face it, beauty products aren't exactly essential. So I'd like to get a bang for my buck. So right now it's not so glamorous to be pre-ordering for US or UK branded products. Though I think I may be investing in something of that sort soon. Knowing that it is a hassle to get out of work and deposit money in the bank, it really is just a pain. I'm just looking for things that I can easily find in local boutiques and malls where I don't think I'll panic when I run out of. So there came my transition to local products.

Some might argue that they are kind of pricey when compared to more wallet friendly imported brands, but from what I've tested, they are well worth the price. Truly. They have come so far and are just under our noses. So why look outside the country when we can look from within?

With the appearance of good quality home grown brands in the market now, they're honestly giving foreign brands a run for their money. Happy Skin, Snoe, Carmen Claire, Pink Sugar are all considerably young brands which will have much much ahead of them in the long-run, But I'd willingly invest in their products knowing that I'm supporting the economy and there'll be a variation of supply in the market.

I'm not saying I'll be fully switching to local, there are brands out there which I believe are truly worth the investment but I'm also saying that what you're looking for might just be nearby.


Year Ending Purchases

On my Yearly favorites I wrote that I was on a makeup Zen, determined to finish every makeup product I owned. But as you can see people are greedy and don't stay content for long. 


Soffia Opulence Perfect Skin Foundation Brush

Soffia brushes have the most luxurious packaging I've ever seen for a brush.  They could almost be mistaken for boxes from a jewelry store.

Description: For a truly immaculate canvas, wield the Perfect Skin Foundation Brush when you apply BB Cream, liquid foundation, or even powder foundation. It spreads the product smoothly and evenly for maximum coverage and prevents the “patchy” makeup look. Thanks to the angled Lush Opulence bristles, you can even use this tool as an expert contouring brush. It does it all!

Price: Currently P525


My Holiday Aftermath Survival Kit

Hello dear readers! Happy New Year to All! And with the ushering of the new year, we welcome the result of partying i.e. Breakouts from unhealthy eating and staying up late, weight gain and overall feeling blah. Well here’s what I devised to feel a tad better after the festivities. Because let’s admit it the Holidays are always an exception to eat anything and do anything right?

I really love facial massages when I get to doing them, as apparently facial massages aren’t very good for oily skin but this is the facial massage routine I’ve been following for a while now, since it’s so simple and just feels revitalizing afterwards. It helps relieve bloating and inflammation and just makes you glow. And I personally feel that my face just has so much blood rushing in and how refreshing is that feeling!?

Skin has been feeling dull, blotchy and irritated and just looks like it took a beating due to late nights so I opted for two recovery masks. The first one being my DIY Oatmeal and honey mask which I just whip up with a handful of oats, a spoonful of honey and hot water. Pop it in the fridge for a few minutes or until it’s cool enough to put on my face and relax for a good 15 minutes in it. It really soothes skin from redness and inflammation.