The Best of 2016: Beauty Tools

Good makeup is either from good products or good tools. I like having both. So besides having a banging foundation, wouldn't it all go to waste if your brush just leaves it streaky? So here are my top beauty tools for 2016. Some life changing and some just remain as old reliables.


The Skin Care Regimen

The weather's been crap and a lighting has just been a short of friendly to take any decent photos. Well, better late than never. Something scheduled for 2016 showed up in 2017. But my skin care routine has always been very slowly evolving and it's quite hard to talk about products when they require such long periods of testing. But I'm quite satisfied with the routine and most of those in my arsenal so I'm happy camper. Alright don't think I use all of these at once, even though as much as I'd like to be that girl that has only one of everything, I like to switch things up. And masks will not be included in this post so if would like to see the masks, please go to the Face Mask Collective post.