Monthly Makeup Routine

Dear beauty fanatics, let's admit it, half of our makeup routine consists of finding products to use. And this takes up precious time in our regimen. So I've devised a method to properly rotate my items and to just cut off all that time I spend searching for products. It's no new concept to the world, but it is to me. And now I present my current makeup routine I've been using for the past month. I'm actually thinking of doing this as a regular feature every month on this blog, let's hope for the best that my schedule will be kind to me.

Everything in my little Daiso Basket

Sunkiller SPF Base - Keeps me matte all day and after hours, my favorite facial sunscreen du moment. I just have no reason to not use this and repurchase this. No white flashback, no horrible sunscreen smell, has color correcting properties which can really be seen. And with concealer and powder on top, base can be perfected.

Ettusais BB Mineral Cream - When I think I need more coverage, I go for this, well, regular readers of this blog already know this.

NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer - Believe the hype, just believe it baby.

Happy Skin Eye need a Miracle Corrector - My dark circles can not be hidden with a skin toned concealer alone, this calls for a corrector, to be honest I just bought this last week so I'm currently test driving it.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder - I am obsessed with finishing this and though I hit pan there's still a lot in the pan, I actually promised myself that if I'm able to hit pan on two powder foundations I'll definitely buy a new one, either the Hourglass ambient powder in Diffused light or the Happy Skin Powder foundation.

Happy Skin All Eyes on Hue Eye shadow Palette - My favorite colors to give my lids a wash of color are Oatmeal and Biscuit. Both light and wearable for everyday.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - Weather is unpredictable even with weather reports, so I believe it to be a great decision to wear a Water proof formula unless you want to end up as Taylor Swift on the Blank Space video.

Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer in 02 - For a slight definition for these chubby cheeks of mine, matte and natural looking for fair skinned ladies.

Snoe Beauty Sabstance Blush in X8 Love - I actually dropped this and it's on it's second life with emergency repairs, that said the top area is a bit rough and hopefully with regular use it'll come back to a smoother surface.

Etude House Face Designing Brightener - My favorite highlighter, fragrant and pretty,it just makes me feel like a good day is coming my way with this on. Well, this and coffee.

The changing variable, pretty much the only thing I can freely choose on my mood which can be anything from Happy Skin to MAC to Etude House.


What I Currently Lug around In Makeup Bag

Recently, I have been invited to more and more unplanned gatherings and impromptu outings, and for someone like me who is surprisingly very low key with touch ups and maintenance with makeup, it's time to step up my usual basic makeup bag or lack thereof, up until a few months ago I usually just trot around with a couple of lipsticks and blotting sheets. Then when I saw how makeup just disappears on my face after work, time to bring back the big guns, I thought.

I got this Makeup bag from VMV Hypoallergenics a couple of years back, It's nice and roomy but quite a pain to maintain since it;s white.

I currently bring along these things at the moment.

Blotting Powder
An oily skinned girl's ESSENTIAL.

NARS Creamy Radiant concealer
High Coverage, blends like a dream, and reliable.

Estee Lauder Cyber White Powder
Not really a favorite but it's pretty enough to whip out for touch ups and the powder is average so no complaints here, but I basically just trying to use it up.

Happy Skin Lippies
In shades Under the sheets, a deep nudy Kylie Jenner would go for this color and Hold my Hand, "a louder and warmer, leaning-to-red-pink-but-not-quite shade" according to my previous post about this. Both shades are good for either day or night when really expertly applied.

Nivea Lip Balm
Since my lips can get so dry sometimes, lipstick moisture is not enough,

ELF Blush Brush
My favorite whatever brush