The Best of 2016: Makeup

It's almost a farewell to 2016 but for everyone who'll miss this year especially, don't worry, you'll say more hellos in your lifetime than goodbyes. 

I've finally mustered some time from all the holiday rush to finally take decent photos and I'm currently writing this at the speed of light. Sometimes a hello is soon followed by I love you don't you think? And here are the makeup picks that made it to the love list this year!


Additions to the Arsenal #7

It's been a while and it's been a quiet couple of weeks here. I've just hadn't the time to take photos recently. It's been frankly a very busy time which has been taxing on so many levels and aspects which I'll address in a post sometime. But I've recently  acquired a few things yet again which I promise to review in time since I'll need to get writing more and more in my free time.


The Zalora 12.12 #OnlineFever Sale + A Chance to win A P35,000 Shopping Spree

Alright, I have a love hate relationship with Zalora, meaning I love it but I hate that I don't have the limitless wallet but here's a little heads up for all those sisters out there that have some last minute but not really Xmas shopping. 

Exciting news! ZALORA, Asia’s leading online fashion destination is thrilled to bring you its annual Online Fever sale starting on December 12, 2016. Poised as the biggest online shopping event of the year, Online Fever is a 4-day event which runs from Monday, December 12 through Thursday, December 15. During this time, shoppers are exposed to massive steals and deals on international brands such as Ray-Ban, Herschel, Cotton On and Esprit as well as your favorite local brands such as CLN and Penshoppe. 

Think bundle deals, surprise flash sales and prices slashed by as much as 70% off on ZALORA’s huge selection of clothing, top rated beauty products as well as fashionable sportswear and accessories. For those looking to tick items off their Christmas lists, 12.12 might just be the perfect time to nab the most amazing deals and score major savings on their holiday shopping.

And here's that chance to win that Shopping Spree. It's a Scratch and Win Game that you'll need to share and might win a coupon or that Shopping Spree so just give it a try, Spoiler Alert: I didn't get it.


The Face Uniform

If the title looks familiar, I was inspired in to writing up this post after reading this. And I guess it's time for a little show and tell with my current "Face Uniform". Basically all the reliable products I can't make my daily look without at the moment but I do switch out from time to time, particularly the foundation and lipstick. Fair warning to avid readers, you're about to see some of these for the 145624th time.