Life Update #2

A once in a blue moon life update has appeared. Not that there's anything that's of note but you might be seeing fewer beauty posts since I've been very into clothes lately. I think I'm trying to figure out my personal style which is honestly a lot of black, navy, white, stripes and denim. I like comfort and I'm currently working out the pieces in my wardrobe so I think most of my purchases will be more on clothes and the occasional beauty purchase. I'm also noticing a few things like my skin slowly getting less oily and becoming more normal. It has become quite a shock and I'm contemplating whether to buy a ton of moisturizing treatments and masks.

And here's a little ramble on body image. I'm not thin but I don't think I'm plus size as well. I'm an in between. And as I'm getting clothes more often now it is extremely frustrating how the Philippines carries a very narrow sizing system and someone of my size (I'm a US 10) is considered XL or L and no other or very few options are offered out there. Even for feet, I've been disappointed by high end brands and mid level brands carrying 9 as the largest size. 3 out of my 5 friends have size 10 feet. Oh the agony for bigger sizes. A fashion designer friend told me that demand is the problem, low demand for these sizes means low production. Hmmm that translates to me as how does one know it has a low demand when one doesn't even make them? Or do we treat plus size women as invisible?

End of ramble. And hopefully look forward for more style and beauty posts in the future.


Project Pan #1

A bit late to start a new series on the blog but then again better late than never. But this is a little ditty on things I've managed to hit pan on or use up in a nonspecific amount of time. Some proving that they've given me a bang for the buck I've spent or may have been a very short love affair. And will be including products here that I'm chucking out if they're being a bit funky on the smell or texture. Nothing lasts forever, including that radiance primer.


Makeup Melange #12 Radiant Bronzed Skin and Peachy Red Lips

Here's a little sporadic Makeup Melange coming right at you.  This time it's a bronzed complexion but with a lot of glow and a very peachy lip that just gives a flirty summery vibe, because we all know that summer is perpetual in the Philippines.


Etude House Double Lasting Foundation in Tan Review

Etude House has had several attempts at improving their base products from innovative primers to reinventing their BB creams, I've paid attention a few times in the past and some I've liked and some not as much but by golly I think they've finally hit the nail on this one. So listen up High coverage loving, oily-skinned people. Etude House has finally made a base that has got you covered.
Price: P1078


September Favorites

Now that September is over a certain song from a certain band comes to mind. But besides that, a favorites post is due once again.