Happy Skin Eye Need a Miracle Corrector

I have literally been needing a miracle since I started working. I found that my normal concealer just was not up to the challenge of all-nighters. But I found support in this corrector, which at first I thought was unnecessary for me before, but now, my routine can't live without it.

Price: P799
Content: 10ml
Fatigue under the eyes, scars, age spots, freckles, varicose & spider veins, bruises, and birthmarks. There are some blemishes you can conceal, but some imperfections are for life... Unless you hide them with a corrector, the secret tool that neutralizes bluish undertones and makes our little flaws disappear! This hydrating corrective make-up provides ultimate covering power but gives the finish and feel of lightweight make-up. It has a rich, buildable formula that miraculously melts into the skin. Its salmon hue corrects and covers all types of skin imperfections from minor flaws to major discolorations.

This corrector is specially formulated with Japanese tea extract that moisturizes and fights puffiness. It's also infused with Hyaluronic Acid, a miracle ingredient that increases hydration, instantly smoothening surface imperfections. Its self-adjusting shade provides undetectable coverage across all skin tones.

This corrector comes in a light orange-y peach shade, though it is light, it's honestly not light enough for my skin tone, I find that it is a touch too dark for my under eye circles, in a sense it does not have a brightening effect, hence I would not wear it alone, but with with a brightening concealer. My under eyes are not bluish but it does have a dark browny tone. Which I find the corrector comes in handy for. Happy Skin has a tendency of making one for all skin tone products, which can be a fail at times for more specifically contrasted skin tones, either too light or too dark skin tones, I find that they might suit medium skin tones more. This corrector I find is more suited to medium skintones that can fully appreciate it's corrective appeal. 

But I quite like the formula of this as it's moisturizing, thin and blendable. Ideal for the undereye area. I'm not so sure for other flaws on the face, but I prefer this only on my under eye area. 

No under eye concealer
With Corrector, unblended
With corrector, blended
With a concealer on top of corrector, unblended

Close up of only corrector under eyes

With Concealer on top of corrector, blended
Overall, a nice product, more affordable than the Bobbi Brown corrector or Erase Paste but does its job well. Still on the hunt for a more solid corrector that's affordable though.


CarmenClaire Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Raindrops on Roses and Shirley Temple

I feel like cobwebs have started growing on this blog due to the lack of posts. but I'm finally here to make it feel like the owner has not yet died. Just quite tired from work.

Carmen Claire Cosmetics is a local brand which was launched in 2011 I think, if you were a loyal reader, one of my formerly popular posts from when the name of this blog was The Secret Beauty Geek was that  of their Cover Ops Concealer/Corrector Wheel, so I'm no stranger to this brand, but I  haven't bought a product from them since I had other interests and their multiply store was gone. But my mother rediscovered them on Lazada and recommended their lipsticks, to my surprise it was Carmen Claire. Such nostalgia! Like seeing an old friend. Now I'm pretty pleased to try their products after so long.

Far left: Raindrops on Roses, Near Right: Shirley Temple
Price: P305 each

Ultra-modern and luxuriously smooth, these lipsticks are long-lasting and pack a powerful punch in the color department. Apply, blot, and apply again for chic matte lips, all day long.

Availabity: www.carmenclaire.com/

Any Printed label seems to wear off 5x faster in my hands

Hello Pale Grubby lips!
 I'd recommend putting on lip balm or as Carmen Claire's recommendation, eye cream before applying if you don't have confidence in your lips that it won't emphasize dry peeling skin or flaking.
Wearing Raindrops on Roses
 Raindrops on Roses is a lovely browny pink, very similar to Happy Skin's Under the sheets but true to the name as matte. I love this kind of color that doesn't look made up but looks polished and more on the natural side. It just ties everything together! It flatters a plethora of skin tones.
Wearing Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple is a classic deep red but better for warmer tones, It makes you look sophisticated, not a tacky red at all.

Both lipsticks are very pigmented, but not the smoothest to apply given that they are truly matte. And the characteristic of matte lipsticks is long wearing application. A great find since they're affordable at P305 and you get more than what you pay for in quality.


CarmenClaire Cosmetics Top 10 Brush Collection

It's been a quiet July, but hopefully August will be making some noise in this blog. And brushes will kick off this month. I'm a sale sucker and I just could not resist 20% off from Carmen Claire with a P1000+ purchase. So from P1200 to a  price drop of P960! And for a complete brush set? Count me in.  

It comes in a classy leatherette container. Perfect for travel! And doesn't it just scream professional?
Price: P1200 but I got it for P960 since they're having a discount with a P1000 peso purchase
Availability: www.carmenclaire.com

Tuxedo black-and-white, luxurious leatherette, and ultra-soft natural and synthetic hair. 
Designed with love and engineered with precision, it's the CarmenClaire TOP 10 Brush Collection.
Each set includes:

Powder Brush (white goat hair)
Round Blush Brush (white goat hair)
Angled Blush Brush (white goat hair)
Blending Brush (white goat hair)
Large Eyeshadow Brush (ox tail hair)
Medium Eyeshadow Brush (ox tail hair)
Angled Liner Brush (synthetic hair)
Lip Brush (synthetic hair)
Lash and Brow Comb (plastic)
Foundation/Concealer Brush (synthetic hair)
The whole set in its entirety looks beautiful. The combination of black ferrules and white hairs just make me swoon. These brushes are my first experience with natural brushes and I'm quite impressed. Apparently natural brushes pick up powder products better while synthetic brushes (i.e. Real techniques) pick up cream and liquid products better.

From (L-R) Blending brush, Angled blush brush, Round blush brush, Powder brush
These brushes were made from white goat hair, but are exceptionally soft, with the slight exception of the blending brush which can be a tad scratchy but workable. They pick up pigment well and apply it subtly and beautifully especially when its a notoriously pigmented, oops-you-might-look-ridiculous-if-you-apply-too-much product. The face brushes just do a great job. But the blending brush does well too but not as great as the face brushes.

From (L-R) Foundation and concealer brush, Eyeliner brush, Brow comb, Medium eye shadow brush, Large eye shadow brush, Lip brush 
The foundation/concealer, lip and eyeliner brush are made of dense synthetic bristles, and the liner means business as it is sturdy and does not bend, perfect for gel liner. the lip brush is also precise, like making your lipstick look like liner when it applies. The brow brush is an ok but very common addition to these kinds of sets and I really can't find anything particularly bad about them but I don't use them as much as I'd like.

The Ox tail hair shadow brushes are also sturdy as well, almost synthetic to a point, I personally don't like these flat shapes for shadow application other than a light wash of pigment on lids, everything else I'd depend on a blending brush with a more domed or solid thickness or shape.

Overall these brushes are worth the money, especially for beginners who have always been curious of what natural hair brushes deliver without breaking the bank as some can go for a small fortune for one brush. However there will be shedding (for the goat hair brushes at least) which is perfectly normal for natural hair and a distinct odor which is also pretty common, so be wary of these two things, I'm pretty fine with the shedding since I don't use them roughly. Only for final finishes or powder. But if you tend to go with a heavy hand, small hairs will shed, this also goes for washing them. I also find that they dry slower than my synthetic brushes since they absorb more moisture. 

The scent can be controlled to a point, since my brush cleaner is quite fragrant. However I find that if I wash them with a foaming cleanser, the scent comes back with a vengeance, so as much as possible I would wash them with a proper brush cleaner.

Thanks for reading!