Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie Beauty In Bloom Duo in Bride to Be and Hold My Hand

And we are now officially half way into 2015, school's back and the rainy season has come. So many things happen simultaneously in June. And what else happens in June? Wedding season. Ever heard of a June bride? June is actually the most popular month for weddings, And that's the first thing that came to mind when Happy Skin launched the Beauty in Bloom collection. 

Price: P1099
Nature is the ultimate beauty queen. Unleash the beauty from within and blossom into your most beautiful with the prettiest, natural lippie hues!

Celebrate a healthy honey-toned glow and rekindle the warmth of love with Hold My Hand.
Be luminous and natural all at once and channel the pink rosy radiance of a Bride-to-Be.

This Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me moisturizing lippie is sure to help you make that smackin' statement. This lip-loving moisture stick is loaded with Shea butter and collagen to get fans to line up for a taste of those supple, hydrated, and ultra-kissable lips. High-pigmented, moisture-packed, this lippie glides on irresistibly smooth (without the stickiness!) and leaves behind a rich, creamy pout that's way tempting to kiss.

This collection release is a tad different for Happy Skin since they usually release lippies in threes going on with a theme of a pink, a red and a nude-y shade. But this time it's a natural pink duo. Which I am loving at the moment. I think with each collection they release a new lippie they get more and more moisturizing and refined. I find I don't even need lip balm before putting these on since I

Bare Lips
 Excuse my bare lips, looking as pale as ever. How I envy girls with naturally healthy, reddish lips.
Bride to Be
Bride to Be, a name that sends wedding bells to my ears, I'm wondering how many brides will actually be putting this shade on their wedding day, since it's such a natural warm pink that screams naturally pretty on lips. Great for everyday or for a special event. Matches well with heavy eye looks or just mascara. It's more wearable than Just say yes as it is a touch warmer and darker to the point that it has a mauve tinge to it.

Hold My Hand
Hold my Hand is a louder and warmer, leaning-to-red-pink-but-not-quite shade. Something you can sport when you want to keep things simple but still focused on your lips. Really gives back life to your face especially when you feel that your look lacks warmth.

No doubt Happy has done it again with these lippies, Definitely two lovely colors that deserve a place in your makeup bag as old reliable natural lip colors.