Oil Control Aces

Maybe some of you don't know but I have extremely oily skin. I have never really thought that the T-zone was especially oily because I'm just oily all-over. So if you are one of my kind, you should have also understood the many struggles of the condition. But after a few years of things that could accommodate my skin type, I've discovered a few gems in the pile that truly truly work for the oil rig that is my face.


Makeup Melange #4: Sunkissed and Golden

Hello everyone who might be on holiday right now! It's a long weekend and basically a lot of people have been going to the beach as a chance to relax with the family. But I'm nowhere near sand and water at the moment so I'll settle with having nearly three bronzers on my face.


Banila Co. Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser: The Less Known Sister

I think a majority of Korean beauty and skincare enthusiasts are aware of the existence of the award winning Banila Co. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm. In fact it's literally everywhere nowadays. But since I wasn't looking for a cleansing balm, but was also curious about Banila Co.'s other offerings, this found itself in my shopping basket.


Additions to the Skincare Arsenal

This month a lot of things were running out. From Skincare to makeup. It was basically a diabolical shortage. So a bit of skincare shopping was in order. 


The Eyeshadow Palette Roundup

I don't think this would even count as a collection. I have so very few palettes but they have served me well. So here's a little walk through on each of them.


Instagram Envy: Colourette Colourstick In Sahara Review

If you've heard about the Instagram star @Lilymaymac, then you've probably come across her endorsement for Colourette Cosmetics, mainly, their lipstick line. And her most rocked shade was Sahara.
Price: P499 with distributors, P549 on ZALORA


Makeup Melange #3 Flushed Cheeks and Pink Lips

So it's been an eventful March with lots of celebrations and birthdays! All in just a span of one week two of my friends gave birth, my aunt and I had a birthday and I also attended my cousin's baby's Christening and Thanksgiving party. I opted for an easy on the eyes look which focused on radiant skin and flushed pink cheeks. 


The Birthday Gifts and Other Things

As the title suggest here's a What I got on my birthday and other things. If you are sick and tired of this I understand, but there are some sneaky beauty purchases here!


The Birthday Beauty Edit

And yes, I do consider my birthday a holiday. But here was my birthday face!


I apologize in advance for a barrage of birthday posts on the blog. But yesterday, March 7 was my birthday and I am officially 22. And still dazed, confused and overall lost in life.