April Favorites

And we're now officially entering May. It felt like we were cruising through April and we found ourselves here. And here is the monthly assortment that have earned a special fondness in my heart for the month of April.


The Blush Roundup

I remember when I used to despise blushers. I was completely off track. And seeing how big of a difference they contribute to an overall look, they have become quite an essential in my books.


The Balm Manizer Sisters Luminizer Palette Review

You can never have too much light in your life, but can't that also mean never too much highlighters? 
Price: P1150 from @thebeautyjunkieph
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this trio of Manizers has been found guilty - of being gorgeous. Designed for girls on the run, this highlighting trio enables you to emphasize your finest features. This palette contains three triple-milled multi-tasking highlighter, shimmers and shadows. These champagne, rose, and golden-bronze shades are flattering on all skin tones and easy to use so you can take your glow on the go.


Makeup Melange #7 Grey Eyes, Sans Foundation

Sans Foundation - sounds brave coming from someone who still has strange bouts of allergies. But that's what happens when you're having super kind skin lately.


Colourette Colourstick in Bethany

So after a certain lipstick just made me rave like a mad dog recently, I knew I had to get more shades. And if you know me, it'll definitely be on the borderline of MLBB.

Price: P549 on Zalora, P499 with dealers


Zoeva Rose Gold Set I Review

As I'm writing this up, I learnt a good friend of mine is selling her brush set on Instagram because of damages on the  handles, this was the same friend who inspired me to buy this set though I have been grossly been putting it off for 2 years.

Price:  ₱ 4,272.00 at Sephora.ph


Makeup Melange #6 Old And New Things

So I've been doing a bit of revisiting lately of some old favorites that have just might as well be gathering dust in my vanity. And I'm just working out how some new things just work with me at the moment.

So this is more like a beauty on trial fused makeup melange. The new things in question are the In2it hair brush eyeliner and the Innisfree no sebum powder. And the rest are regulars featured on the blog.


Snoe It’s Oat K! It’s Alright! Quenching Masque Review

Interestingly enough I haven't seen any reviews for this around.  So if you were curious about this, it's your lucky day!
Price: 499
Availability: Snoe Website and ZALORA

It’s Oat-K It’s Alright restores the skin’s natural moisture balance to aid in healing minor skin irritations. It will hydrate, tone, whiten and soften the most sensitive skin.


The Bronze and Contour Roundup

I have a round face, and I'd like to believe I look youthful with chubby cheeks and all, but after dozens of photos with my face coming full circle (pun intended), I have ventured to the land of the bronzed and contoured. And I don't want to look back.


"So You've Been Wearing Too Much Makeup Lately" Skin Care Picks

So you've been wearing too much makeup recently? A situation I find myself  in a lot because I wear it to work and when skin's gone crazy, I'll need to add extra. But we need skin to breathe and it needs time to heal itself from the abuse, and here are my picks for when skin just needs to relax and lay-off the makeup.

March Favorites

So, it has been a mad March and it was my birthday month and it was just pretty much well spent with the family and friends. I've discovered a few new things but mostly it centered on skin care. So here are the March favorites coming in like a lion~


How I Clean my Brushes

Cleaning my brushes are a constant love and hate relationship for me. Love because who doesn't love using fresh and clean brushes? Hate because it can be such a hassle. But it must be done once a week.

I never really talked about brush cleaning before. But my routine has been set in stone for the past year, so I figured it is time to write about a "real" routine for this.