The Face Mask Collective

Been a bit of a slow month coming up with this post. And now we're coming up to December and kiss its face with all its bankrupting glory. And I see it's finally time to write up my skin care routine again. Why I only do it once a year? Because skincare is definitely a routine set in stone for me unless I add new products, basically same routine just different products, not nearly as interesting as piling on 3 bronzers in one sitting or say, blue lipstick. But I digress, and here is my current collection of face masks. 


Additions to the Arsenal #6

It's sale season and I regret nothing, or so I tell myself. But I finally got my hands on a few things I've been eyeing on for less the label price. 


The Current Lip Wardrobe

As the title says. on the lips at the moment. This is pretty much what I've been slathering on my lips for the past few weeks and are the current residents of my makeup bag. So let's do some re-introductions and swatches.


Face Base Collection

So it's almost the end of the year and I think I've done almost every major round up so far except for Foundation/CC Cream/BB cream and such and such. Well it's safe to assume that this collection won't be updating any time soon since I'm pretty satisfied and this will last quite long i.e. a couple of years


Pink Sugar Honey I'm Good Eyebrow Kit in Perfect Taupe

Scoff it off but brows might be considered a priority. In the beauty sphere luscious defined brows can be seen on Instagram warranting cringes and praises alike. But since most of us (at least me) are no Brooke Shields or Cara D., there are tools. Like the newest brow kit from Pink sugar.

Price: P399
DescriptionA compact eyebrow quad for everyday brow grooming. Features one wax and three powders; expertly shapes, defines, and fills even the sparsest brows; colors can be used solo or blended together for customization; comes with two mini brow brushes for precision control


Another Affair with Zoeva: Luxury Rose Golden Set II

It's been another long time coming but I've checked another piece off my wishlist after a year. I bought the first Rose Golden Luxury set in January. I've been putting this off for so long because I was having second thoughts. But after a moment of realization I decided to get it. So much for self-control. 

Live your fairytale and master any makeup look with the Rose Golden Luxury Set, a collection of eight handcrafted, essential makeup brushes in an ultra-feminine design, including a chic rose-golden clutch.
Availability: Sephora


October Favorites

It's been an eventful October to say the least. And as you can see with the lack of posts that I've been busy. It's been an eye opening fact to how hard some bloggers work to deliver quality posts, vlogs, and videos when they're also very busy with life and problems. Especially because they don't really have fixed work hours. But luckily I've squeezed some strength out of me to write up a few favorites this month.