Additions to the Arsenal #4: A few bits from Manila

Hello there. Back from a bit of a blogging break since my eyes are still in the healing process from my LASIK procedure last week which meant a trip to the capital city, Manila. If there's one thing I like about Manila, it's the shopping basically. I love the vast selections of shops and restaurants so that also means I wasn't going to leave without a few little purchases here and there. And just brands that I don't come across in Davao.

Be prepared for how skin care centric this has become though.


Travel Skincare (5 Day Trip)

Can you believe I'm writing this at such a last moment? Literally minutes before I'm hailing a cab and heading over to the airport. Not sure about any internet connection where we're staying and honestly I much prefer writing blog posts on the desktop, so this all called for a very last minute post.


The Travel Makeup Bag (5 Day Trip)

I've been literally scrambling for the deadline as I'm writing this post and that I should be packing my bags for tomorrow's trip. And I've been watching numerous how to pack videos, constantly looking out for some tips. And as this will be published I will probably be in Manila by then. But if you fancy a bit of snooping around in my travel makeup bag, have a look at this post.


MAC Whirl

MAC lipsticks. Do these really need an introduction? But it has been a while since I bought myself a new shade since I've been enjoying much affordable and quality lip stuff from local brands. But I guess there are just times of weakness that makes you get a MAC lipstick.


Gorgeous Mauvey Pink Lip Choices from Pink Sugar: XOXO and Queen Bee

And just when I thought I was content with my current Lip collection, there always seems to be some new release which gives me a case of  the straying eye. In this case it's the new offerings from Pink Sugar, a bunch of new MLBB nudes and pinks to pique your interest. Two that caught my attention are these very pretty dusty pinky mauvey slightly browny pinks, and let me add that cannot get any more longer as a description.


Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Clay Masks. Perhaps a boon and a bane for oily skin. Boon as it deep cleanses pores and effectively reduces oiliness, bane because it just generally comes with that tightening and drying sensation which leaves skin so parched. But this mask comes along and is just the opposite of these preconceptions. 
Price runs from P500-P600 variably on Shopee

May Favorites

Alright, this might be the most gratuitous favorites post you might see in a while since I've had this incoming surge of new products all over the place and a bunch of forgotten favorites all jumbled up but somehow I've compiled what I thought were definitely for May. I've divided it into skin care and makeup picks.