Etude House Double Lasting Foundation in Tan Review

Etude House has had several attempts at improving their base products from innovative primers to reinventing their BB creams, I've paid attention a few times in the past and some I've liked and some not as much but by golly I think they've finally hit the nail on this one. So listen up High coverage loving, oily-skinned people. Etude House has finally made a base that has got you covered.
Price: P1078

After being released as an online exclusive in Korea, it managed to become available in stores and all across the shore here in the Philippines. I will not conceal my excitement as I waited for 2 months for them to get this in stock. I was that giddy. With good reason of course.

Looking up products online before buying them is such a convenience as I watched a few YouTubers I trust do some reviews and hands down on my desk I was determined to get this foundation. So racking up all of my Pink Membership card points when I finally found them on shelves I bought myself a bottle in Tan, That is the 5th shade. But I kid you not it is the closest to my skin tone, and I'm currently an NC 20-25. So nice try for the shade additions Etude House, now they've released 8 shades, probably the most a Korean Brand has ever had for foundation shades. Bravo! It's a start!

It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a black plastic cap with a pump, something the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation unfortunately does not come with. And speaking of ELDW, this is the proclaimed dupe for it.

The consistency is light and a bit runny, but runs packed with pigment and coverage. And it has a lightweight feel as well which is a bit of something unexpected for something so high coverage. The scent reminds me of a cologne but I think I've had a whiff of this scent from their BB cream way back but here's a little demo to show you how it sits on skin.

Applied on Right Side of face
Applied fully on Face
Complete Makeup
I own a bottle of ELDW and I'd have to say that this has better coverage. I also definitely see that blurring effect on skin as it manages to smooth over crevices and pores like a porcelain doll's skin, in this case I can see the Blur Cream and the Choux base playing a part somewhere in the formulation.

In fact you may think that skin is too perfected to be real, giving that made up look. But once some of your natural oils come through you'll see it's a better fit through out the day as it sets a bit too quickly for some and really sets into a matte finish, so dry skins might not be a fan of this formula.

I'll also have to say that it goes a bit grey in the undertone which you might find a bit ashy as it oxidizes on a more grey side as well. But I settle the issue with bronzer and blush to liven the skin. But at first application you might be a bit put off with the tone.

Throughout the day it has held impeccably well through my oils so I'm quite impressed with the whole formula overall. But the SPF 34 just means trouble for flash photography so best not to use this for events which require photos with a flash.

So in a summary it's a high coverage, long-wearing and somehow lightweight foundation that magically blurs pores and textured skin. You may or may not need primer or blemish concealer in this case and I'll have to say that this might be the best Etude House base product I've come across so far in my humble opinion of course. Thumbs up from my oiliness and blemishes and another thumbs up for not breaking me out or irritating my skin as their BB creams would. 

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