The Skin Care Regimen

The weather's been crap and a lighting has just been a short of friendly to take any decent photos. Well, better late than never. Something scheduled for 2016 showed up in 2017. But my skin care routine has always been very slowly evolving and it's quite hard to talk about products when they require such long periods of testing. But I'm quite satisfied with the routine and most of those in my arsenal so I'm happy camper. Alright don't think I use all of these at once, even though as much as I'd like to be that girl that has only one of everything, I like to switch things up. And masks will not be included in this post so if would like to see the masks, please go to the Face Mask Collective post.

An Oil, Water and something in between

Double cleanse is my middle name and I've quite a few makeup removers in my stash so I don't get too bored with it. I've always been a fan of the cleansing oils since I've tried them out but a few discoveries led to me having an oil, water and something in between. This is my second bottle of the Biore Cleansing oil so it's still a mainstay, still affordable and still effective. I've always loved the Cleansing research foam cleansers and when they came out with this BCL Aqua Cleansing I picked it up, but it's quite strange as it feels heavy like an oil but apparently is "Aqua" so it's something in between, to be short not my favorite and will just be using it up. And the Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water has been late to the game but manages to make it to a special place in my routine, it's easy to work with and feels well like water and if I'm feeling really lazy, which has been recently, I'll just grab a cotton pad and swipe away.

An Asian Brand dominated Category

Foam cleansers are my jam, can't resist trying a new one out every few months, always on the lookout for something nice, and I switch things up a lot. So three of my foams cleansers are from Asian brands, they just make the best ones in my opinion and are just so fun. This year I've tried out the Banila Co Clean it Zero Foam Cleanser, the Sana Soy Milk Isofurabon Foam cleanser and most recently the Rohto Green Tea Cleanser

The Banila Co I like from time to time but I tend to use the Japanese brand foams as they foam easier and better which means they are quicker to work with. The Sana cleanser smells like blood and I'm already running out of it so the Green Tea cleanser has been my companion. 

Scrubs and Gommage

Exfoliating everyday is frankly a chore for me so it's something I'd like to do once a week or twice if my skin's looking rough. I know physical scrubs will be soon a thing of the abrasive past but I still have a few scrubs in my stash like the Snoe Awesome Poresome Scrub, one of my favorites but will be saying good bye to when I run out as I feel bad for the ocean, and the VMV hypoallergenics Skin Buffing cleansing scrub which has some really fine particles so it's quite gentle and non-abrasive.  Ah and the BCL Baby smooth Skin Clear Peeling Gel, not as strong as the word peeling does as it's a gommage exfoliator which just rubs off all the dead skin and gunk, this I use once a week after wearing a full face of makeup and it's the most satisfying thing ever.

Or Essences or Serums?

This year got me my first real "serum". I did have that Ettusais Puru Puru Serum but it just wasn't what my skin needed that time. I picked the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum in No. 1 Original, which says it's a serum with all its exfoliating, brightening, wrinkle-smoothing and hydrating benefits, which I like but with the ways it's used with a cotton pad gives off toner vibes. But it feels nice as a beginner serum for the younger customers with it's lightweight consistency and fragrance. 

But I also kicked up to high gear by getting the Pixi Overnight Glow Serum, although I was always after the Glow tonic, which was always sold out everywhere, and it only had 5% glycolic acid as the serum had 10%, so on with the serum which has a curious gel form, but two drops of this concoction is good to go to spread all over the face which drinks it up like milk, At first I was skeptical but now I know that serums  are a must in the skin care routine as they provide the fastest and most effect especially after cleansing. I've been breaking out less and skin has been looking smoother after using this serum regularly, so shout out to Pixi.

But I haven't given up toners yet as I love to use them in mist form early in the morning after cleansing to get an instant hydration boost, and sad to say I've ran out of the V & M Naturals Rose and Aloe Toner before I had the chance to review it or even talk about it, it gave a great refreshing feeling with each spray and I might repurchase again if I run out of the Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Facial Toner which has a potent rose scent and also gives a very hydrating boost to the skin.  

The Rich and Replenishing Picks

And moisturizers, for the face it's the forever favorite, VMV Hypoallergenics Re-everything lotion, also featured from last year's routine,  It's thick but it's what I need, packed with glycolic acid as well, it's my entry level anti-aging product, For eye cream, I'vc been sticking to the Skinfood black Raspberry Eye Cream for Wrinkle Care, I know, early 20's putting on eye cream, what? But I have a really dry under eye area which means creasing is a problem so I like to drown that area with this, It's nice and hydrating but when I need more moisture I top it up with the Palmer's Cocoa butter just on the inner corners and on my neck,  And finally for the lips, I'm obsessed with the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm, I was curious but steered clear due to the price but now that the hype is all true for this French Pharmacy favorite by the lovely Jeanne Damas, I'm all pout, So definitely a keeper, this lip balm with the sweet honey like scent and the amazing emollient texture on the lips.

Face and Body

Protection from the UV rays of the sun is serious business and I'm now more determined than ever to put on sunscreen, especially with some of my moles getting darker through the years, from what I speculate is due to frequent sun exposure. Good thing I have the Biore UV Perfect Milk in Blue for the face which can provide the protection, oil control and hydration so I don't need to slather on moisturizer in the morning.

And for the body, I wanted a nice scented sun block which doesn't feel too heavy, so I chose the Snoe Here Comes the Sun Block when it was on sale on Zalora. 

And that is it for the Skin Care routine, I'm currently still in the search for cool skin care products to add to my wishlist, as one always will, thanks for reading!

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