Instagram Envy: Colourette Colourstick In Sahara Review

If you've heard about the Instagram star @Lilymaymac, then you've probably come across her endorsement for Colourette Cosmetics, mainly, their lipstick line. And her most rocked shade was Sahara.
Price: P499 with distributors, P549 on ZALORA

Switch to an all-natural swatch with Colourstick, the lip lacquer like no other!
Made with all natural actives like Vitamin C and E, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Grapeseed oil and Avocado oil, this functional lipstick plumps, moisturizes and hydrates the lips while keeping it vibrantly beautiful.

With 5 sophisticated shades to choose from, Colourstick is the perfect definition of love at first swipe.

The box was bombarded with its many lip loving and nourishing treats. A little anecdote that led to the purchase is in order here.

Actually I have seen this lipstick when it first launched on Instagram and I wanted one but I just didn't know where to purchase and eventually my desire faded and then my friend chatted me up on Facebook that this particular lipstick was amazing. And she was a MAC believer, but she said "the formula and lasting power of this was superior to Happy skin and on par with MAC". And she was happily showered with compliments the whole day she wore it. So I was obviously convinced. I had to get it. There was a distributor of Colourette cosmetics in Davao however this shade was always sold out. There was an all out war to get this shade, I kid you not.  So I had to wait. But then I checked Zalora one morning to find that they were carrying Colourette Cosmetics! So luckily this was in stock albeit a bit pricier than when bought with the dealer but I'll take it since I could not deal with the frenzy going on over this. 

The packaging is a plain but sleek black "sturdier than usual" plastic. It's simple and minimal. 

The first thing you'll notice is the scent, it's quite fragrant, almost a candy caramel like fragrance. But it's not unpleasant at all, for me at least. 

Bare Lips

Sahara is a warm peachy nude with browny undertones. I was actually expecting it to be on the darker side but it's surprisingly light but not sheer. It is an adorable color on lips, and you know how much I love them MLBB colors. It creates  a subtle illusion of  voluminous lips.  It's a wonderfully  sophisticated understated color for a wide range of skin tones. It will probably look nude on some and look peach on some.

It's extremely creamy but solid, it literally glides on lips. It feels very luxurious since it is literally packed full of moisture for a matte lipstick which endures for hours on end with pigment that has no intention of fading. And it has just shot up to one of my top lipstick formulas. Long wearing, hydrating and pigmented. To be honest I didn't think it would be this good. But the hype is real. And this is not for the sake of looking like an instagram star or a step to Kylie Jenner lips. This is seriously a good lipstick. And one worth checking out if it's not sold out yet again.

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