Real Techniques Sculpting Set Review

My Real Techniques Buffing brush has seen better days and the Expert face brush just isn't doing it's thing as well anymore.  So a trip to beauty counter ended in bringing back this set home. Well, that's predictable huh?

Three brushes make up the set, namely the Sculpting Brush, the Fan Brush and the Setting brush. The set comes with gorgeous metal pink ferrules which is so eye catching. And I’ve actually been longing to try out the setting brush for spreading concealer rather than setting my makeup. But then this set came along so I thought I could get a good alternative for the buffing brush and get the setting brush while finally be able to try out the fan brush!


I tend to use the nonlabel indication for makeup brushes so the Sculpting brush became my foundation buddy. It is wonderfully denser than the buffing and expert face brush so it is more capable of spreading out product into thinner layers on to skin. It’s handy for really working it all in and can easily be used for either cream or powder. The slanted shape makes it more face and contour friendly for me. It totally trumps over the Expert face brush and the buffing brush in my books.

The Fan brush is probably that brush that you’re never really sure you need. It’s not completely necessary but experts seem to treat it as an essential. It’s a soft and pliable brush which glides on skin. I’ve tried this out for my highlighter (Both pressed and loose) and while it does deliver a nice and subtle sheen with the highlighter, I’m really more hard core than that. I really go for a disco ball look. So it’s just not my personal preference but others who dig the subtle sheen, it might pique your interest. But I have also tried this for strongly pigmented blush and it is quite nice for a very light sweep on the cheeks. 

The Setting brush is the blogger favorite and I have also been using this nonstop for buffing out concealer under the eyes. It’s just right on the bristle density, not too stiff but not too flimsy but just right for blending in liquids and creams and of course its label use, powders. You can also compare it to a denser and smaller RT multitask brush or a more loosely packed RT contour brush It has definitely come up to the Essential Brush kit right now.

Overall it is a quaint brush set which can really be useful depending on the need. If you do have something of a similar ilk in your brush collection, it may not be totally necessary but if you’re in the need for some relatively affordable and quality face brushes, this might be worth checking out.

Have you tried this set or anything else from Real Techniques lately? Please let me know in the comments below! 

Thanks for reading!

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