Etude House Play 101 Stick #Contour Duo (Photo Heavy) Review

I never thought I'd see the day when the Highlighter capital of the world would produce a contour stick.

Price: P 748.00
Description: A creamy contour duo that creates a look of authentic dimentionality of face.
Content: .05oz/1.7g x 2

Although I do know that they produce shading powders and such, it's never truly been mainstream to them, like how powder isn't or fully filled lips isn't either. In fact even their way of face shading is different as seen here.

But when I saw this video a few months back, I thought, finally, they are getting in the contour game.

The line recently launched a couple of weeks back in the Philippines and I picked one up right away since I am paranoid of it being sold out.

It is a dual ended cream contour and highlight stick, which you may have seen from a few foreign brands, like the first one I saw which was from Michelle Phan's cosmetic line, Em.

The contour end is a warm dark brown shade while the highlight end is a refined shimmery white. Both a very creamy and blendable, in fact so blendable you might want to build it up if you want your contour to really look conspicuous It is also virtually scentless so sensitive noses may want to take note.

I think this is better for fair to medium skin tones as I think it will be more visible, the contour end may be a tad too light for hard core Kardashian Kontouring and the Highlighter might appear ashy on darker skin tones. But it gives a nice and subtle take on highlighting and contour using cream. But of course the intensity of application is up to your own discretion.

In action:

Face with BB cream
Face with BB Cream
Applied Contour End
Blended Contour End
Blended Contour End
Blended Contour End
Applied Highlight End
Highlight and Contour Blended
So I haven't completely metamorphosed into a Kardashian. But true to it's description it does give a face dimension, considering that this is buildable, the contour end can be applied more liberally if one wishes for a more defined face. But the highlighter is well on its own as I expect from the land that had strobing even before it was a thing. 

So should you check it out? If you're a contouring beginner I'd recommend a powder first since it is more controllable, this might be for more advanced makeup ladies, and by that I meant that even I get clumsy with this. In fact I won't blend it in with my fingers since it would just be too risky. I'd use a brush like Pony used in the video, like the Soffia Opulence Perfect Foundation Brush. So it might take more skill, but if you're willing to work for it to work, why not? It looks lovely and subtle when properly blended and that will take time. If applied with precision it can look bomb. And it will look great when pictures are involved of course. 

Overall it is a nice take from Etude House on a contour stick, and since this is the first I've owned of its kind and I am pleased. It's for an everyday kind of contour and light, not too stark or obvious. But I'd be far happier if I was a dry to normal skinned gal, since it would work with my skin, but since I am oily, I can't fully be happy with it. I'd have to layer it with powder which would defeat the purpose of just wearing it under powder. But since I do like how it looks on skin, I think I'll be sporting this for short events and cross my fingers Etude House will be releasing the powder version in the Philippines soon.

Have your tried any contouring products recently?

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