Colourette Colourstick in Bethany

So after a certain lipstick just made me rave like a mad dog recently, I knew I had to get more shades. And if you know me, it'll definitely be on the borderline of MLBB.

Price: P549 on Zalora, P499 with dealers


Switch to an all-natural swatch with Colourstick, the lip lacquer like no other!
Made with all natural actives like Vitamin C and E, Collagen, Hyalauronic acid, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Grapeseed oil and Avocado oil, this functional lipstick plumps, moisturizes and hydrates the lips while keeping it vibrantly beautiful.
Content: 4g

I'm not very into loud lips most of the time and I like to keep a healthy stash of nudes, barely nudes and MLBB shades. And if you read my previous review on Sahara, another Colourette Colourstick shade, I think we don't need any introductions on the amazing formula, longevity and love for this lipstick line. Let's cut to the chase.

Swatched: Top is Bethany, Bottom is Sahara 
Bethany is on the opposite side of Sahara, a warm brown tinged peach, but Bethany is cool toned dusty mauve which is described as caramel by Colourette. 

A few more shade comparisons in my stash is Mac Faux which goes cooler, Bethany has a hint of warmth that can make it pass for most skin tones. For pale skins, it might go a bit darker but I quite like that about it as it kind of looks like natural even toned lips and will definitely look great on darker skin tones for a nude lip.

The lipstick formula still wonderfully consistent. It glides on the lips with ease and smells sweet, maintains moisture and its matte-ness in one swipe. It lasts for hours even after some light eating and drinking. And re-application just coats skin in pigment and moisture.

Overall, if you tend to go for nude shades, this is another one for the overflowing stash ladies. 

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